The purpose of a college education is to explore new beliefs, concepts and cultures that encourage the next generation to broaden their perspectives on the world they live in - that is unless these ideas are in any way Jewish or supportive of Israel. 

This glaring hypocrisy can be witnessed first-hand at Duke University, where the school’s student government president has vetoed Duke Student Government’s recognition of Students Supporting Israel (SSI), an internationally-recognized campus organization that empowers students to confidently stand with the only democracy in the Middle East and America’s greatest ally in the region.

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Stop The Antisemitic Discrimination at Duke

This disgusting assault denies pro-Israel students their right to freely express the “radical” concept the vast majority of Americans support - the belief that the Jewish people have the right to self determination in their indigenous homeland. At a time when attacks against the Jewish community have surged, with over 60 percent of religiously-motivated hate crimes targeting Jews, students speaking out in support for Israel must be heard, not silenced. 

It is clear that antisemitism and blatant targeting of pro-Israel students must have no place in our society, especially not within the halls of one of America’s most prestigious universities. Unfortunately, this is not the first instance where bigotry against Jewish students has infested Duke. In 2019, the U.S. Department of Education ordered the university’s administration to remake the school’s Middle East studies program due to its overt anti-Israel bias, which both deceived students and ostracized the Jewish community on campus. 

Enough is enough. Jewish and pro-Israel students should not be banned from expressing their beliefs at the very school they pay to receive an education. Urge Duke University’s administration to reject these antisemitic attacks by reinstating the school’s SSI chapter without delay.

CUNY Community Statement Encouraging Mutual Respect and Engagement Towards a Just Middle East Peace and a CUNY Free of Harassment

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